VIBookcrate Jr Box - A Mixed Up Fairy Tale
VIBookcrate Jr Box - A Mixed Up Fairy Tale

VIBookcrate Jr Box - A Mixed Up Fairy Tale

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This is a listing for the VIBookcrate JR Box.

The theme of this book was "A Mixed Up Fairy Tale".

In this mixed up fairy tale, Princess Annie is the younger sister to Gwen, the princess destined to be Sleeping Beauty. When Gwennie pricks her finger and the whole castle falls asleep, only Annie is awake, and only Annie-blessed (or cursed?) with being impervious to magic-can venture out beyond the rose-covered hedge for help. She must find Gwen's true love to kiss her awake.

But who is her true love? The irritating Digby? The happy-go-lucky Prince Andreas, who is holding a contest to find his bride? The conniving Clarence, whose sinister motives couldn't possibly spell true love? Joined by one of her father's guards, Liam, who happened to be out of the castle when the sleeping spell struck, Annie travels through a fairy tale land populated with characters both familiar and new as she tries to fix her sister and her family . . . and perhaps even find a true love of her own.

Included in this box:

Bobble Headed Bear

Emoji Birthday Candles

Crown Lollipop

Mood Bracelet