About Us


Welcome to VIBookCrate!

I would like to introduce the ones who are making this happen! My name is Kristen and I am joined by my two junior curators Mr E and Miss A. They have a love for reading that borderlines obsession. 

I will do anything I can to foster their love of reading - we are always buying books, talking about books and sharing books with others. We are on a first name basis with the local bookstore! After looking around for a Canadian based book box company I was surprised to find that the options were scarce! I wanted to start something meaningful and fun that I could do with my 2 children thus VIBookCrate was born!

VIBookCrates mission is to create reading adventures for children aged 8-12. Reading is so important and we believe that anything that promotes it - is a good thing! So we have designed a themed box that will ship to you each month that is filled with amazing items that will take your kids on a reading adventure!

We can't forget that parents who display a love for reading will ultimately pass that onto their children - and we all know that we need a bit of quiet time to keep ourselves sane. The adult experience boxes are shipped quarterly and are themed along with the four seasons. They will give you the excuse to take the time you need for yourself.